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BeeSupport, Amsterdam

10 good reasons for beekeeping

1) Bees play an essential part in Nature as pollinators of plants and trees.

2) The existing eco-system improves, as do the agricultural harvests.

3) Bees are indigenous in the countries where BeeSupport operates.

4) Beekeeping products, such as honey, pollen, Propolis, Queen Jelly, bee-poison and beeswax are of great value to people as a source of food, medicine and light.

5) Beekeeping products are easy to sell to the local population and in the surrounding areas thus provide income for the beekeepers.

6) Beekeeping is easy to combine with other activities on the land and around the house.

7) Beekeeping projects can be started and upheld by local communities with relatively little capital.

8) Everybody can take part, whatever their sex, age, social status or property.

9) Beekeeping gives people hope in a better future.

10) It strengthens the trust and ability to be self-sufficient.