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BeeSupport, Amsterdam

Our projects

Projects need to meet the following demands:

  1. Promotion of beekeeping by means of training.
  2. Small scale and sustainable.
  3. Partner organizations initiate, develop and implement the project.
  4. Written requests have to be made including financial planning for the duration of 1 or 2 years
  5. Twice a year a report on finances together with original receipts as well as a report on the progress of the project has to be sent in.
  6. A full report on the results, financially as well as practically, needs to be given towards the end of the second year.
  7. After approval a follow-up of two more years can be applied for.

BeeSupport screens the projects thoroughly before accepting. If a plan is well thought out we can decide to give financial support.
In order to obtain the funds for this, we raise money by selling stuff and hold collections on markets etc., organize cultural and sporting events and give lectures to promote our aims. Besides this, we apply for subsidies from organisations, some of whom double the amount collected by us. We work with a growing group of volunteers from all walks of life, so that the work can be seen from different viewpoints and performed by people with diverse capacities.