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BeeSupport, Amsterdam

Promotion and information

Promotion and information

BeeSupport promotes information in the Netherlands on the importance of beekeeping in developing countries by:

- presentations for and in collaboration with Dutch beekeepers and clubs;
- exhibitions and participation in events in school-gardens and organisations
such as the Amsterdam zoo, Artis, and other organisations in the Netherlands;
- inviting the project-leaders from Africa to the Netherlands to give public lectures
and talk to donors and subsidisers.

BeeSupport works internationally to increase the awareness that, in developing countries, beekeeping can have special meaning for small farmers and their environment by:

- cooperation and exchanges with organisations such as NECTAR (Netherlands), BEES FOR DEVELOPMENT (England), BEES ABROAD (England)and BARAKA CULTURAL COLLEGE (Kenya)
- participation in the APIMONDIA, a bi-annual meeting of beekeepers and scientists from all over the world about beekeeping. The African projectleaders give lectures there and tell of their own work.
BeeSupport hands out information and shows photos of the projects.

BeeSupport supports the project-leaders/trainers of the beekeeping projects in their professional development by:

- financing schooling in technical and organisational areas;
- helping to find sponsors and getting visas for participation in Apimondia, where they can follow and give lectures and exchange experiences with other international experts on beekeeping.

Promotion of means of communication

SMS and internet are of great importance for the communication between the project-leaders and BeeSupport and/or other organisations. To get on the internet some projectleaders like Michael and Peter have to travel more than 100 km to the nearest town. SMS is possible nearer home. Action was taken to acquire internet, part of which has been implemented. The Kutsungirira Beekeeping Society now has its own web-page and contacts have been made for sponsoring of computer and internet facilities in the near future.

For African beekeepers, Apimondia is almost the only means of personal communication with those from other countries. There, BeeSupport meets beekeepers who are prepared to keep bees on a larger scale and to develop beekeeping as a source of income for a larger group of people.

Promotion of communication

Projectleader Michael Hlungwani of the Kutsungirira Beekeeping Society in Zimbabwe, has been to the Netherlands on several occasions, travelling on from there to the Apimondia. While in the Netherlands, Michael had a busy programme, many donors were able to hear personally from him what the plans were for the future and what had already been achieved. The next Apimondia (2011) will be held in Buenos Aires in Brasil, where we hope to see each other again. Given the distance, Michael will not then come to the Netherlands. Instead, working visits from the Netherlands to Zimbabwe and Uganda have been planned, in order to see the progress of the projects implemented there.