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BeeSupport, Amsterdam

Why beekeeping

Beekeeping projectscan be set up by local communities at a very low starting cost.

Everyone, men, women and children of all ages and ranks of life can participate.

The immediate succesfull interaction between nature and human effort reinforces the confidence and capability to become selfreliant.

Projects are located in remote areas with little acces to water, energy and means of communication as well as lacking infrastucture and public transport. Beekeeping organizations are set up by local farmers.

Because of Aids there are many broken homes and families in the villages. A great many trainees have lost husband or wife and usually have to take care of a large family for which they are the only provider.

Special beekeeping courses are organised for Aids orphans so they can earn a livelyhood and go to school at the same time.

Beekeeping gives young people the opportunity to stay in rural areas instead of moving to the big cities where they usually end up in even more poverty. Men who already left, came back when they heard of the possibilities to generate income through beekeeping

Many women are interested to get trained as beekeepers. They can easily combine beekeeping with doing other jobs and taking care of the family. Usually they don't own any land but they can own a beehive and produce honey for food and income.

We combine beekeeping with the planting of fruit trees so the bees can have nectar while pollinating the flowers, giving people better fruit and honey to eat and sell and at the same time we fight deforestation.